5 Things Millenials Are DEMANDING From Their Next President

In 2008 and 2012 Barack Obama was, without a doubt, the young people’s candidate.

Whether it was his trailblazing use of social media or the historic ramifications of his becoming the nation’s first black president, there was little doubt that the young Senator was fast becoming the voice of a generation.

Obama showed the world that the youth vote is more powerful than anyone could have realized. Now, in 2015, there is a crowded field of candidates on both sides of the ticket. The road to success for them, however, remains the same.

If they can win the youth, they can win the election.  Here are the issues candidates need to be focusing on to sway young voters.

5 Things Millenials Are DEMANDING From Their Next President

1. Tuition

College tuition prices simply will not stop going up. The rising cost of an education has led to an equivalent rise in the amount of student loan debt in the United States.

22-year-olds are leaving their colleges with tens of thousands of dollars in debt – and sometimes hundreds.

These students are crying out for something to be done, and any politician who wants to win their vote next November would be well served in considering their demand. 

2. Jobs  

This second issue ties directly into the first. Graduating from school and immediately being hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt is one thing if that expensive education leads to a good job that provides enough income to pay back the loan.

This is how the system used to work, but in recent decades things have begun to take a turn for the worse. 2008 was an economic gut punch to the United States and in many ways the country has yet to catch its breath again.

Candidates need to prove to millennials that they have a plan to improve the job market if they want to gain their support.

3. Marijuana

Every generation has had its fair share of infatuation with marijuana. It is not exactly a new phenomenon.

This generation, however, is the first to see real legislative steps being taken to make the drug legal. They’ve seen it happen in Washington and Colorado and they want more.

Candidates need to take this issue seriously if they really want to catch the eye of young voters. A promise to legalize the drug might be the tipping point in a close race.

4. The Environment

The millennial generation has perhaps the highest number of vegans of any generation in recorded history.

This is a group that cares deeply about environmental issues, and any candidate who desires their vote should do the same.

5. Partisan Neutrality

The millennial generation just might prove to be the least partisan generation of all time. When Barack Obama was making his name the list of reasons his young followers supported him had “Democrat” way at the bottom.

Partisan bickering and political grandstanding will not win candidates many points with this generation. If they want to win them over they need to focus on the above issues, not on petty scandals and party allegiance. 

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