5 Times Bullies Were Defeated By Their Victims

There is no excuse for bullying. These five victims took a heroic stand and proved just how little it takes to make a difference.

In 2015, the issue of bullying is being confronted like never before. People around the country and around the world are taking a stand against bullies in new and creative ways. 

It's a wonderful movement to watch unfold, but in order to end this terrible practice for good we all need to get involved. 

Check out these five victims who heroically overcame their tormentors. Hopefully, their bravery will inspire you to take a stand the next time you spot a bully in your own life. 


1.  "Nerdy" Kid Amazes With Killer Dance Moves 

This kid's classmates gathered around thinking they were about to witness an unpopular kid's embarrassment. What they saw instead was a solid audition tape for "So You Think You Can Dance?"


2. Friend Puts A Stop To Cyber-Bullying 

It may look like the kid in the red hoodie is the aggressor, but he his actually taking a stand for his friend who was being harassed on Facebook by the kid on the laptop. 

It may not be the most graceful way to handle the situation, but you can't say it isn't effective. 


3.  These 6-Year-Olds Teach Bullies A Non-Violent Lesson 

Feel free to cry at this one. 

These kids aren't even in second grade and they have already taken an incredibly powerful stand against bullying. 


4. Female Clerk Puts A Stop To Shoplifting 

This woman in Finland not only stopped a shoplifter from leaving her store with his stolen goods, she also made sure he remained at the store to face the punishment for his crimes.

This would be more than impressive by itself, however...


5. The SAME Female Store Clerk Puts A Stop To Shoplifting AGAIN

The same woman — who is now identified as Anna — is able to, once again, stop a shoplifter from making off with any of her store's merchandise. 

If they have not already, the Justice League should make Anna an official offer for membership.

She seems completely qualified for the position. 

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Take these examples to heart people! Bullying is never okay. If you see something, don't just say something, do something about it as well. 

Banner Image Credit: Johnhain at Pixaby.com

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