5 Top Videos From This Week (VIDEO)

Here are our top 5 most amazing videos from around the world this week.

Here are our picks for this week’s best viral videos!

Chris Hayes' Brilliant Bill O'Reilly Satire- Video

Chris Hayes Does A Brilliant Satire of Bill O'Reilly's Race Rant (Video)

Hannity Panel: Huma Abedin Is Muslim Brotherhood

Huma Abedin's Ties To Muslim Brotherhood Comes Up On Hannity Panel (VIDEO)

Reza Aslan: I Was Kind Of Embarrassed (VIDEO)

Reza Aslan Talks To Piers Morgan About Fox News Interview: I Was Kind Of Embarrassed (VIDEO)

Fox News Proud Of Reza Aslan Interview (Video)

Fox News Doubles Down On Its Embarrassing Reza Aslan Interview (Video)

Limbaugh On ‘Weak Muslim’ Woman Huma Abedin

Rush Limbaugh: ‘Muslim Women’ Like Huma Abedin ‘Don’t Have Any Power’ (VIDEO)

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