5 Yr Old Boy Makes Microsoft Look Like An Idiot With X-Box Security Breach

Kristoffer Von Hassel is just a five-year-old boy, but he has identified a security glitch in Xbox Live.

The billion dollar empire that is Microsoft has been made to look like a fool by a 5-year-old boy from Ocean Beach, San Diego.

The kid in question, Kristoffer Von Hassel, was able to identify a flaw in Xbox Live security which gave him access to a password protected Xbox Live.

Unable to access his dad's password-protected Xbox Live account, the frustrated Kristoffer pressed the space key a bunch of times and hit enter. To his surprise, it got him through, as it was actually a backdoor gateway for gaining access to a password protected account.

But soon his father, Robert Davies, a computer security professional himself, found out that his account is being used by his son to play games he isn't allowed to. A confrontation ensued where the young genius spilled his guts.

"I got nervous," Kristoffer recalled in an interview with ABC. "I thought he was going to find out."


His father videotaped the part where he tells him how he managed to bypass Xbox Live security. After finding out the truth, Kristoffer’s father couldn't be more proud of his son's feat and stated, "How awesome is that! Just being 5 years old and being able to find a vulnerability and latch onto that. I thought that was pretty cool."

He promptly reported the glitch to Microsoft – who fixed it up and later credited Kristoffer on their website for identifying it. In addition to a statement of gratitude, the tech giant also gifted the boy four games of his choice, $50 and free subscription to Xbox Live for a year.

Account security glitches in Xbox Live used to be a problem for Microsoft, but their volume and frequency has decreased in recent years. The launch of the new Xbox One did give such issues a slight hike, but with wunderkinds like Kristoffer keeping an eye out, it won't be long before Xbox Live's security is once again foolproof.

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