5-Year-Old’s Scowling Yearbook Photo Is Winning Hearts

“Her ability to show her feelings is one of her biggest strengths,” said the kindergartner’s mother. “And she is definitely enjoying the attention!”

Massachusetts Girl

They say a picture is worth a thousand words — and 5-year-old Ceci Negron has plenty to say.

Here’s how it all began: Unlike the rest of her classmates, Ceci didn’t want to own a yearbook. She told her mother, Rebecca, not to buy one.

However, when the kindergartner eventually brought the book home, Negron discovered why her daughter was initially so against it.

In the photo Ceci is wearing a cute red dress and a glaring frown instead of a smile.

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The reason, Negron explained to ABC News, was that her daughter has a rather serious smile with pursed lips. Apparently, when the school staff asked Ceci to try a different smile, someone giggled.

And Ceci wasn’t pleased.

So, instead of trying a different smile, the 5-year-old glared at the camera and thereby immortalized herself in the history of yearbook photos.

“Ceci is a very sweet and sassy girl who is not afraid to express herself,” Negron told Boston.com. “She is quite articulate and has no problem letting anyone know if they have somehow offended her.”

The little girl was upset at first but she felt better after seeing that people actually like it.

“I explained that people think it’s funny because it’s endearing and people think she’s funny, so she thinks it’s funny,” Negron added.

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