6 Kitchen Hacks That Will Make This Thanksgiving A Breeze

Spend less time in the kitchen and more time with your family this Thanksgiving with these useful shortcuts.

It's 2015 and we now live in an age where you can watch season 3 of Mad Men on the toilet. Next to all of these advancements doesn't it seem a bit silly to spend hours peeling potatoes on Thanksgiving morning? 

Wel, worry not! This list of kitchen hacks will take your culinary skills into the modern era so you can spend less time in the kitchen and more time making sure estranged uncle Carl keeps his hands off of the good china. 

1. Peel Potatoes In Seconds 

Peeling potatoes is nobodies favorite chore on Thanksgiving. It takes forever, your fingers usually get cut, and the peels are more dangerous to a garbage disposal than a KFC megabucket of chicken bones. 

Thanks to this old-fashioned trick, however, you'll be done with those potatoes and ready to start matching in less than half the time. 

2. Pie Crust Perfection 

Let's face it, only quitters use a store bought pie crust.

Since you're going to be a champion and make one on your own, crimping the edges can be a time consuming and annoying Thanksgiving task. 

This video walks you through some of the best ways to get that crust looking grandma-perfect in no time. 

3. Peeling Garlic - Shaken Not Stirred

Garlic is delicious and it also has the added benefit of ensuring you and your family get to enjoy a vampire free Thanksgiving. 

This video shows a super easy way to get those delicious morsels out of their skin and into your food. Maybe we have more in common with vampires than we thought. 

4. Take Those Mashed Potatoes To the Next Level 

This video packs three delicious mashed potato tricks into less than 60 seconds. The soy sauce suggestion in particular should be a mandatory lesson in all home economics classes nationwide (do they still have those?). 

5. Slice Dozens Of Tomatoes At Once

Tomatoes may or may not make it into your Thanksgiving feast this year.

Maybe you're preparing a salad to serve with dinner. It doesn't matter because this trick is awesome and makes you feel like a Viking.

6. And, Of Course, How To Carve A Turkey

This video is a guaranteed way for son-in-laws around the country to finally get that "nice job" from their wife's father. Good luck gentlemen. 

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Hopefully, these videos will help you to have a delicious and stress-free holiday! And just try talking to estranged uncle Carl. He really is a nice guy once you get to know him. 

Banner Image: DaveHax on Youtube

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