Watch 60-Year-Old Teacher Out-Dance Her Students In An Insane Routine

This 60-year-old can out-dance anyone anytime. Don’t believe us? Just watch.

Canadian dance teacher Shirley Clements might be 60 years old but she can out-dance the best of them. In fact, she has become an online sensation, all thanks to her badass dance moves and incredible head spins.

The veteran teacher, who teaches dance and P.E. at Panorama Ridge Secondary School in British Columbia, recently performed at Outbreak, a competition she created 19 years ago.

Since it was her final time hosting the event before her retirement next year, it was pretty big deal, and she did total justice to the event with her fiery dance performance of Bruno Mars and Mark Ronson’s pop hit “Uptown Funk.”

Don’t believe it? Watch the video posted above.

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