62 Year Old Woman Sees Python During Nighttime Bathroom Visit

Many people have a routine nighttime visit to the potty, but when this 62-year old woman did her visit, she was shocked to find a python on her bathroom floor.

At 4 A.M on Tuesday morning in her Riverview Manor apartment in Sharon, Pennsylvania, Debbie LaMotte discovered a python on her bathroom floor.

Just like most people who get up to use the bathroom in the middle of the night, Debbie's vision must have been a little blurry after sleep. Debbie saw what she thought was some kind of scarf with a "beautiful pattern" on her bathroom floor. She touched it to see what it was, when the object's head began to move! That's when she realized it was not a scarf she was prodding, but a snake. And not just any snake, but a python.

Debbie told the Sharon Herald that she called the police to help her attend to her new friend. The police came in and using a 'grabber', (something elderly people use or people who have had a hip or leg surgery to help them pick up objects without bending), picked up the snake and placed it into a bag.

Debbie is certainly a brave woman who believes the python must have been someone's pet who escaped and got into her house underneath a door.

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