6-Year-Old ‘B-Girl Terra’ Destroys Her Dance Battle Opponent With Her Killer Moves (VIDEO)

It looks like this girl was born for dancing.

Where kids of her age are learning poems, 6-year-old ‘B- girl Terra’ has the ability to burn the dance floor with her killer moves.

She is just incredible. You look at her and you think how that is even possible?

The video above features Terra competing with a much older competition, Leelou at a dance contest held on March 2, in Paris. Leelou was good too but Terra just owned the floor!

Spectacular Terra not only amazed the crowd, her contest video is also trending all over the internet.

Redditor [–]Im_inappropriate commented on the video:

‘And here I am in my underwear eating Cheetos.

This girl is a quarter of my age and has accomplished much more than me.’

Now that was funny.

B-girl Terra is a member of Soul Mavericks, a London-based break dancing crew.

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