Watch This Coral Belt Jui-Jitso Master Fight Crime At Age 72

Flip flops to stop street crimes, FTW! When you watch the video, the scene unfolding is evidently what happened after an attempt of some kind of street crime in Brazil.

Warning: Do not try and rob old men, thinking they are easy targets.

Master Franco Penteado, who happens to be very well trained in Jui-Jitsu, caught and reprimanded an alleged thief. He holds a coral belt, which is apparently a level achieved after holding a black belt for 31 years. Yikes! You don’t want to get caught by this guy.

According to a thread on Reddit, a lot of the words being said are Brazilian curses. It’s unclear what exactly the crime was, since the video only captures what happened after. But one theory in the thread is that he’s being severely punished for eating the old dude’s jelly beans.

Whether it was the case of a jelly bean robbery, or a mugging or any other kind of street crime, you clearly do not want to mess with this coral belt-wielding master of Jui-Jitsu, and his side-kick, the guy armed with a flip-flop!

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