8 Dangerous Selfies Not Worth It

It's not just happening at the Tour de France. Some people can't help themselves from stupid selfies.

By now we've all heard about the selfie scourge at the Tour de France. Fans are hopping onto the course to take a selfie as riders zoom by. 

For the unlucky few, it's meant a collision with a cyclist. Let's face it, you're going to lose that crash with a speed bike. 

Cyclists have actually had to plead with fans to please, please stop taking selfies on the course, calling it dangerous.

It is, but taking a Tour de France selfie is almost a walk in the park compared to these eight dangerous selfies. Don't try this at home. We mean it.

Russian Rooftops



Kirill Vselensky makes a career out of dangerous selfies. The Russian calls himself a "rooftopper" and his albums prove he spends most of his time in the air.


And Russian Roulette 

At least the police will have photographic proof what happened.


How Not To Be An Animal Lover


Animals are anti-selfie. We don't blame them.


What Could Go Wrong?

When you find yourself on top of a door or the Christ the Redeemer statue, it only makes sense to pull out your phone. 

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