8-Year-Old Cambodian Sleeps And Plays With Anaconda-Sized Pet

This 8-year-old and his family are comfortable keeping a pet that could literally squeeze them to death.

The Cambodian Boy Who Sleeps with a Python

This terrifying large 16 ft, 265 lb python is a beloved pet to a seven year old in Cambodia.  The boy, Sambath, and his family trusts the powerful snake enough to let him lay down and play with it, letting it reside in their home. They have even called the snake Chomreun, which means lucky. 

This deadly snake is one of the largest in the world. It kills animals by wrapping around their bodies and squeezing them to death. The snake is unable to tear meals apart normally, so it eats its prey whole. Their lower jaw is not connected to its skull and their teeth is capable of bending backward.  This allows it to swallow remarkably huge victims whole. It often takes over two weeks for anacondas to completely digest their meal. Because they don’t chew, strong acids in their stomachs do the job of digestion.

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Pythons are carnivores and typically feed on small mammals and birds, but scientists are unsure about whether they would eat humans. Anacondas and other snakes are on record eating animals bigger and wider than humans, so there’s no doubt that a large one could actually accomplish the feat. 

One scientist did document two incidents where anacondas tried unsuccessfully to attack two people. Since 1990, there have been 12 snake related deaths in the US that involved a constrictor snakes.

Despite the low amount of data concerning python attacks, the footage has caused concern about the young boy’s safety and life. 

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