9 Maps Showing Fascinating Tendencies Of People Around the World

May, 8, 2014: From the happiest to the most religion-free nations, these maps tell you the weirdest demographics you need to know.

Those geography classes in school used to be quite long and boring with world maps feeding you all kinds of information you didn't care about. But hate the playa, not the game. We bet if you were given maps like these to study, geography would have become your favorite subject.

Check out these nine world maps that highlight some very interesting habits from different parts of our world.

Most Photographed Places In The World

No surprises here. Folks over in Europe have the best sites and the best cameras.


Happiness Map

Africa needs to cheer up some.


Earth's Seasons

Wow, that's a whole lotta snow up there.


Hottest And Sexiest Women By Country

Those Russian belles are plenty hot, but not as hot as the Colombian chicas. Hi there, Shakira!


Where To Be Born Index

Warren Buffett claimed in his autobiography that every American won the Ovarian Lottery by being born in the United States. This map, however, claims that being born in Canada or Australia are even bigger lottery wins.


Average Breast Sizes by Country

So nuclear bombs aren't the only assets Russians like to enhance.


Penis Size Worldwide

Poor Indians!


Countries Where Homosexuality Is A Crime

South Asia and Africa needs to grow up a bit.


Global Distribution of Atheists

No religion, no problem...that's what the Chinese believe in.

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