If It’s Peace You Seek, You Should Consider Moving Here

If it's peace and serenity you want, these are just the countries for you.

The image that the media portrays of our world is one of wars and conflicts, even though some argue that this is one of the most peaceful eras in the history of mankind.

Unless you're living in a direct conflict zone like Gaza or Ferguson, Missouri, you're already safe enough. But if you aspire to live in a place where lawsuits are filed for the murders of pigeons and where people grow so old they look like zombies, you've come to the right place.

Down below are 9 countries that are considered most peaceful in our otherwise manic world. They also rank the highest in the Global Peace Index.

1- Denmark


Danish people don't believe in fighting a fight with arms and weapons. Instead, they prefer to do their talking in the field of trade and commerce, which explains their sky high per capita income ($59,190). Oh, and during World War II, when the Nazis had occupied Copenhagen, the non-violent Danish people didn't fight back. Yeah, that kind of peacefulness is a bit extreme, but still.

2- Norway


With the exception of mass murderer Anders Behring Breivik, Norway has had a very peaceful history. It is one of the founding members of the United Nations, and its capital city Oslo is where the peacemakers usually hold their peacekeeping meetings. Enough said.

3- Singapore


In a nutshell, Singapore is the goody-goody of the international fraternity. This nation's focus is on having great relations with its neighbors and making sky high stacks of cash. Violence? Who's got time for that?

4- Slovenia


Not only is Slovenia a wonderful tourist destination due to its unique European culture, but it's also one of the safest countries. There are little internal conflicts in Slovenia, while it hasn't indulged in many wars with outside forces –just the perfect definition of a peaceful state.

5- Sweden


For a country that excels in producing and exporting weapons, Sweden has a very high ranking on this list. This Scandinavian nation hasn't been a part of an actual war in almost 200 years, and has one of the lowest robbery rates worldwide (9,000 annually).

6- Iceland


Its infamous banking crisis aside, Iceland rarely ever makes the headlines for the wrong reasons, which is why it ranks highly on this list.

7- Belgium


The fact that the European Union and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) both have their international headquarters in Brussels tells us everything about the serenity of Belgium.It's just an overall great country to live in.

8- Czech Republic

Czech Republic

Some say religion is the root cause of all evil. While most people won't agree with it, Czech citizens would point to their own example to prove this. The landlocked country has one of the least religious populations in the world and has focused solely on economic development since gaining independence in 1989.

9- Switzerland


In addition to its picturesque sceneries and tourism attractions, Switzerland is also known for its political stability and negligible crime rates. The Swiss also have the most secure banking system and attracts funds from all over the world, which is an indicator how much the international fraternity trusts them.

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