It's Better To Burn Your Money Than Spend On These 9 Things

It's better to burn your money than spend it on these 9 utterly useless things.

Money doesn't grow on trees.

As true as it is, the meaning of this time-tested adage is lost on some people. Why else would they keep on spending their hard-earned cash on the things mentioned down below?

Throwing money at these doesn't get you the promised satisfaction. Besides, there are much better alternatives available that are far more effective. So why do some people still stand by these failed products and services?

It is like pouring money down the drain. We don't get this meaningless fixation. Do you?

AOL Mail
Useless Things

Granted that AOL Mail is one of the oldest web-based email services, but it really is OLD and outdated. Moreover, some people – who are too lazy or unaware to quit – are still paying $15 a month for their crappy service. Hello, it's not 1994!


Alternative Medicine
Useless Things

If alternative medicine worked, it would be called medicine.


Fat Burning Supplements
Useless Things

Have you ever found someone who actually got thin by using fat burning supplements? No? There is a reason why you haven't. Still, it's one of the most profitable businesses online.


Tanning Salons
Useless Things

Places such as Florida and Texas get enough more than enough sunshine. OK, it's hell out there in summer. Yet, tanning salons are a thriving business there. Why not take your lazy butt outside during the daytime?


Useless Things

Hooks like "We want you to win," make people believe that sportsbooks and casinos are really feeling generous. Deep down, everyone knows that only the house wins. Yet...


In-Game Microtransactions
Useless Things

As stupid as games like Candy Crush and Clash of Clans are, they are designed to make you spend your $$$ on their in-game features. People get hooked to these games, and it's not unheard of cases where the addiction has resulted in losses of hundreds and even thousands of dollars.


Useless Things

It's one thing giving your dearly deceased a respectful send-off. It's totally another to spend 10-20 grand on it – which is an utter waste of money.


Bottled "Spring Water"
Useless Things

George Carlin once said: "Ever wonder about those people who spend $2 a piece on those little bottles of Evian water? Try spelling Evian backwards."


Useless Things

Unlike ike other hard drugs, cigarette smoking kills its users, but they don't even get a proper high out of it. What good is it for, then?

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