The Exhilarating Moment A 91-Year-Old Utah Woman Skydives With 4 Generations

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.

91-year-old Marie Kimmey from Utah was finally able to make her dream of skydiving come true when she, along with women of four generations, of her family took the leap from a plane.

Kimmey had spent a considerable time with the idea of skydiving already. It was while riding on her grandson’s motorcycle as she chided him for driving slow at 90mph-not-100mph as she had wanted, it was then that the daredevil decided she wanted to jump out of an airplane.

20 years later the family thought Kimmey had forgotten all about that and she may have, but watching President George H.W. Bush skydive on his 90th birthday, brought back the wish and she decided that nothing was going to stop her.

Three cheers for Marie Kimmey and may we live up to our dreams as well.

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