The First 4-Minute Mile Happened 60 Years Today

A medical student with little training, Roger Bannister, became the first runner ever known to finish a mile in under four minutes.

On May 6, 1954, in Oxford, England, a 25-year-old medical student made track-and-field history, when he ran a mile in three minutes, fifty-nine and four-tenths seconds, breaking one of sports' most famous records.

Roger Bannister set his sights on the milestone knowing that another runner, Australia's John Landy, was gunning for the same record that day -- and Landy would actually beat Bannister in another race a short time later. But on that windy day in England, it was Bannister who went down as the first person to break the four-minute mile.

Now, 85, and a retired neurologist, Bannister takes pride in the fact that to this day, more people have climbed Mt. Everest than have matched his feat.

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