A Good Deed Lands This Man In Jail

Apparently, raising money for the less fortunate doesn't always work in your favor.

Homeless, Xenia, Ohio, Virgil Vaduva

In Xenia, Ohio, a man was convicted for raising money to donate to a homeless shelter, according to Counter Current News.

Crazy, right?

Virgil Vaduva is known as an activist in his town. He does whatever he can to raise money and help the poor. He fights for their rights and puts poor people before himself.

Most people would think that Vaduva's deeds were meaningful and that more places need people like him.

Unfortunately, the judge felt differently, sentencing Vaduva to 30 days in jail for "panhandling" the poor. 

Evidently, it is a crime to solicit for charity in his town, and Vaduva was caught red-handed. In his hands, $42 that he donated to a homeless shelter. 

What is even more crazy about this strange sentence is that in addition to 30 days, Vaduva also has to serve 100 hours of community service. Well, isn't that what he was doing all along?

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In Xenia, you can't ask anyone for money, no matter what it is. Even asking a friend for a few extra quarters to feed a parking meter is considered a criminal act.

Vaduva, when he is not raising money for the poor, is a journalist for the Greene County Herald, where fortunately he has a voice that can be heard. Greene Country Herald and other news sources in the area are fighting against this law in Xenia, saying that it is unconstitutional and needs to be overturned.

So, folks, if you head over to Xenia, Ohio anytime soon, be sure not to give a dollar to a homeless person, or better yet, don't ask someone for a dollar to give to a homeless person. You might have to go to jail for it.


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