These People Expected A Free Meal, Got Dog Food Instead

"It tastes like dog food" is a phrase often used to express disapproval of a sub-par meal. But do most people even know what dog food tastes like. Does dog food actually taste like "yeuch, dog food"?

Freshpet, a dog food company, recently invited a group of people for a taste test. And, like most anyone offered free food, the hapless gang agreed.

Because few would be “adventurous” enough to follow through on a dinner date with a dog food company, we’re assuming these people weren’t informed who their mysterious benefactors truly were.

You know those free samples they give out at Whole Foods? Yeah, we might think twice now.

The taste test consisted of three courses—a “classic” bacon burger, a southwestern chicken taco, and spaghetti and meatballs—all generally appealing dishes for the average omnivore.

Freshpet Tricks People Into Eating Its Dog Food

(Note that we said omnivore.)

You probably have a strong notion of how this might have gone—nine people spitting out their mouthfuls in unison. But you’d be wrong.

“It looks really good.”

“It smells gooood.”

eating dog food

“The best I’ve ever tasted.”

dog food

And then they were informed of what they had just tasted: recycled dog food.

dog food news

Dog Food Company Tricked People Into Eating Their Product

But the larger takeaway? If the unwitting human approves (you know, until he discovers what the mystery lunchmeat actually is), maybe his best friend will want a go at it, too?

dogs food

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