Act Of Kindness By Neighbor Generates Venomous Response

A friendly letter to a neighbor sparks awful reaction

‘Love thy neighbor’ is what the bible teaches us, but what if that results in you being labeled as a creep?

Poor Chris probably has no inkling of the crass and totally insensitive reaction to his kind gesture.

A girl shifted next to Chris’s apartment and he being a gentleman sent her a letter cum survival guide, penning down all the major information needed to spend her days in peace and comfort.

And since, the days of sharing apple pies and lasagna with your neighbor are almost over, Chris added an extra Applebee’s gift card to compensate and save the woman from sweating over the stove.

But who can put a leash on the ‘critical heads’ of the big bad online world ? As soon as the letter landed into the online arena, creep, psychopath and sex offender were the mildest terms used for the friendly neighbor.

Just two decades ago, welcoming gestures like this never struck us as unusual.

The trait of compassion has been locked deep inside the cold hearts of our warm blooded bodies. ‘What’s their angle’ is usually the first question that pops up in our head if neighborly affection is directed toward us.

It’s actually strange that it turned out to be a double edged sword for Chris.

After all, there were no hearts on the envelope, suggestive comments or even anything to lure the girl.

The trauma that Chris might go through knowing he is thought of as a maniac has not even been taken into consideration. If such remains the circumstances, acts of kindness like this will soon become a distant memory.

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