A Man Wrote An “Honest” Resume Of His Failures, & Then This Happened

Will Jeff Scardino's non-conformist, devil-may-care approach to resumes issue a new era of CV-writing? Or is this another hipster fad that'll be over in two weeks?

“Worked on three losing pitches.”

“Pissed off a few art directors.”

“Dated a free-spirited girl who ruined my junior year."

Recognize any of these?

These are the kind of thoughts you wish you could write down on your resume. But because they’re “inappropriate,” overly personal, and not the sort of “go-getter,” high-on-caffeine-tablets positivity that gets you a job, you never do.


Jeff Scardino did. And that’s one thing his straight-talking, deadpan CV doesn’t give him credit for: sheer guts.

Jeff Scardino

But it appears what the resume doesn’t say explicitly, it gets through simply by being the kind of stunningly honest and chortle-worthy document it is.


With his old, stodgy resume, Scardino received only one response and no meeting requests? But with the new one?

Eight responses. Five meeting requests. And that’s just out the ten companies he's applied to thus far.

One employer explained the reasoning behind this sudden surge of interest:

“When I read your cover letter, I thought it was a joke. But after looking at your resume I’m really impressed with your honesty. I’ve never seen anything like this. I wish more people would send me a resume like this.”

Sure, it helps that Scardino has some solid credentials under his belt, but at the end of the day, beyond the formalities and the posturing, maybe most people just respond to genuineness, in and out of the professional sphere.


Either that or people tend to notice disgruntled iconoclasm, and getting noticed is the first step to getting a response.


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