A Rare Megamouth Washes Ashore In Philippines

A rare shark just washed up in the Philippines. Some weird things have washed up on shores the last couple of years, but now a rare megamouth shark has washed up in the Philippines.

Megamouth shark found in Philippines

The shark has said to have had only 60 encounters with humans. Little is known about the megamouth shark, the first one showing up in 1976 in Hawaii. Before then, no one even knew this shark existed. 

The shark is similar to the whale shark and basking shark, but the megamouth is actually from a completely different family, genius, and species. 

The name of the shark, 'megamouth', is fitting, for this shark has a huge, wide mouth that is perfect for filter feeding.

Why has this shark been seen so few times? Scientists like Christopher Bird, a marine zoologist, thinks it's because megamouth sharks like to hang out in areas humans don't typically go. This is probably a good thing for this species.

Rare megamouth shark dies

Most sightings of the megamouth have been in Asia-however, there have been sightings in other places, such as California and Senegal.

Humans should keep this information on the 'down-low', though. As Bird says in Quartz, "It prevents information on its distribution getting into the hands of those who would happily exploit this creature for some large fish steaks or megamouth burgers."

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