A Strange Cemetery Story From The Memorial Day 2013 (PHOTOS)

This is one really strange story from the Memorial Day!

This is one really strange story from the Memorial Day!

As America paid tribute to its fallen soldiers on Monday, Redditor FedoraFugitive also visited his great grandfather’s grave and found something really strange.

There was a big deep hole in his grandfather’s grave that obviously shocked him as no one expects to see something like this at a place where their loved ones are resting in peace. 

‘His grave was covered with a sheet of corrugated tin for more than 70 years (his last request, I'm not sure why). It was removed a few months ago. Went to visit it today, saw that this had happened.’Here’s the story:

‘The hole was about six feet deep in total, as far back as the tape would go. I suspect the casket caved in, but I thought it was strange that it collapsed in only a small circular section.’

The shared photos appeared confusing but a another user on Reddit, [–]dabbled_in_pacifism explained well what actually happened to the grave.

‘Sinkhole. With age, coffins decay. If they're Jewish, they're buried in a pine box and the decaying process happens much quicker. Once the box breaks the ground above gives way and creates a natural sinkhole. It's not often the general public sees these because cemetery workers quickly fill these in as soon as they are found but since your grandfather's was covered with tin it probably hid the hole for quite some time. The reason it's a neat circular hole is by chance. In Jewish cemeteries they usually break and sink in the exact form of the box.

How do I know? I used to be a grave digger!

Best one I ever saw was a 20-30 yr old female who was visiting a family relative in the winter. The ground was covered by multiple layers of snow and ice. It was a winter where one day we would get snow, days later a layer of ice would fall on top and the cycle would continue again and again. As she stood there I was working about 40 feet to the side with a clear line of site to her and my partner and I just happened to be looking at her when all of a sudden CRASH! She went right through the snow and ice and only stopped once she was in up to her armpits. She was screaming and scrambling to get out but couldn't. My partner and I had to help her and she was in full blown panic once she was freed.

Just imagine...Not expecting to fall some 4 feet into the ground and it happens out of nowhere, in a cemetery, into a loved one's grave!’

Click on the slideshow to check out rest of the photos that shocked us and everyone else.

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