A Woman Rear-Ended A Man With Her Car. What Happened Next Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity

You have thirty seconds, and this will make your day.

A woman rear-ended a man while driving. It seems no one was injured. We don’t have any of the details (names, location), we only have a Facebook post with names blocked out. That post, however, is enough to a heartwarming story.

Imagine you are driving along. A pedestrian crosses the road up ahead of you, causing the cars in front of you to slow down and you have to hit the brakes quickly. Then you feel a sudden bump: the car behind you just rear-ended you. You pull over, take pictures, trade insurance, trade numbers, etc. What do you do next? Forget about it? Curse the rear-enders name to anyone who will listen for the next day or two? Or do you do something like this:

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Happy Holidays, everyone. May the generosity of this man infect your spirit this season.

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