Nature Is Swallowing This Abandoned Fishing Village In China

This place was once a thriving fishing hub. A part of the Zhoushan archipelago, the Shengsi Islands one of the popular tourist destinations in China located at the mouth of the Yangtze River.

While there is a lot to explore in Shengsi, such as the Donghai Fishing Village and its beautiful beaches, there is one spot that stands out.

Mother Nature is taking over an abandoned fishing village on Gouqi Island – one of almost 400 that make up the Shengsi Islands.

The eerie yet stunning place once was a thriving fishing hub.

However, after changes in the economic industry of Zhoushan prompted fishermen to move toward other regions, the village was abandoned.

Now, twisting green vines and shrubs are overtaking the entire place, so much so that it looks like nature is swallowing it whole.

Here are some images:

Shengsi Islands

fishing village on Gouqi Island

An Abandoned Fishing Village on Gouqi Island

abandoned fishing village in China

Nature takes over An Abandoned Fishing Village in China

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