11 Painfully Funny Instances Of Accidental Racism

Amna Shoaib
Unintentional racism is still racism. Of course these people can't be racist! They have a black friend!

Here is a list chronicling all the instances when people did not, like really not, want to come off as racist a-holes, but managed to do so in the most hilarious and maddening of ways.

This chart that likes to color-code information for, um, easy understanding.

racism chart

Racial segregation was outlawed in 1954.

Racial segregation racism

Something tells us Rosa Parks is turning in her grave this moment.

racism in school van

This ad digs deep into its racist sensibilities to define the wonderful Oprah.

racism on live

The stereotypes do not die easily, do they?

racism in olympics

The new Nikon Racist D-60, that has important questions to ask if you have almond-shaped eyes. 

racism nikon camera

This one would refuse to acknowledge your existence if your skin is anything but white.

racism camera

If you stereotype like this, you’re a racist height chart.


The Nazi party has its own shelf at this supermarket to market eugenics.

racism in supermarkets

Normal= Anyone who is blond, white and blue-eyed.

racism in advertising

Let’s just make sure our kids are racist from the very beginning.

racism in advertising