Adorable Baby Is Not Impressed With Elder Brother Singing ‘Happy Birthday’ (VIDEO)

Babies usually respond hilariously towards most of the things that happen to them. Sometimes you can’t even imagine how funny their reactions can be.

When funny genius’ combine with cute babies they create awesome videos that have a 99.9999% chance of going viral and similar is the case with the video above.

Oliver Copeland in this adorable new clip tries to sing Happy Birthday, but his baby brother Casper clearly isn't impressed with his singing.

Casper in the end is replaced by a stuffed doll who is of course a better companion for his elder brother in the video, at least better then Casper. You must watch the video to know why.

Before doing this video, dad Brad Copeland wrote and produced for "Arrested Development" and has also been tapped to write and direct College Humor's first feature movie.

Enjoy the video above that was made to go viral.

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