Adorable Little Toddler Tells Dad: ‘Worry About Yourself’ (VIDEO)


Remember as kids we wanted to do everything on our own. Whenever our parents offered us their help, we refused and tried solving our problem on our own.

The toddler in the video above is going to remind you of your childhood.

Ryan Hunley, like any other dad was buckling up his two girls properly in their car seats before going for a drive. You might not believe but he really had to face his young daughter, August, in a very cute way for helping her.

The stubborn toddler wanted didn’t want any help from his father and when he asked calmly that if she wanted he should help her, she replied, “No, No, thank you. Worry about yourself. Worry about yourself.”

You can’t help but laugh at the cute little toddler’s stubbornness.

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