Adorable Moment 3-Year-Old Boys Hears His Dad’s Voice For The First Time (VIDEO)

Kids bring an instant smile to your face. They by default have an ability of making you happy when you look at them. Their angelic face, cute smile and adorable reactions are to die for.
The video above features the cute reaction of a 3-year-old who hears his dad’s voice for the first time after a very critical surgery.
Grayson Clamp who was born completely deaf did not have the cochlear nerves which act like a bridge in the ear and help us process and hear sound. 
His parents, Len and Nicole Clamp tried everything but when a cochlear implant failed to fix his auditory disability, they opted for an untested method 'auditory brain stem implant' that is used for the first time on a child in the United States. 
The chip was successfully implanted and Len and Nicole’s adopted kid was able to hear for the first time.
Moral of the story is; it’s good to take risks sometime.
His adorable reaction is recorded in the video above. Check it out, feel good and share it with your friends.

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