Make Way For Da Mao, The Adorable Panda Who’s A Pro At Rolling In the Snow

Move over Adele – this panda at the Toronto Zoo has some rolling in the deep (snow) to do!

Da Mao is da boss of “Bear-bogganing” – and who knows what that is?

From the looks of it, it’s either when an adorable panda frolics around in the snow to amuse an audience, or when a clumsy panda whose sense of balance is quite off amuses an audience.

Either way, it’s making this particular black-eyed panda famous. Da Mao is one of the two pandas gifted to Canada by China in 2013, as a part of a conservation project. Since then, he’s been a resident of the Toronto Zoo, where a video of him playing in the snow was recorded and posted online by officials.

People love the video. You can’t help think of Winnie the Pooh scampering around for honey. Perhaps Da Mao was trying to find some bamboo in the snow.

Watch the video for your daily dose of cute panda overload.

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