Adventure Seekers Have To Try The "Swing At The End Of The World"

If it's thrills or a beautiful view you're after, you couldn't do better than the breathtaking "end of the world" swing.

If you want an absolutely gorgeous view, aren’t afraid of heights and feel confident in placing your safety in the tensile strength of some rope, then the swing at the end of the world might be right up your alley.

In Baños Ecuador, a seismic monitoring station called Casa del Arbol, literally “The Tree House, has set up a swing that looks a bit precarious, but delivers a rush like no other.

Playful swingers go back and forth over a steep mountain top that is 2,600 meters above sea level. Some pictures give the impression that the swing goes directly over a huge void, but it actually stays close to the mountain top. The entire swing is nothing more than a piece of wood fastened to a somewhat slim-looking branch with rope, but people still come from far and wide to take a ride.

Would you take a ride on the swing at the end of the world? 

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Banner photo credit: Twitter/@oneworld365

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