Watch Stunt Pilot Crash Into The Ocean During Brazil Air Show

The stunt pilot was flying over the ocean, close to the Brazilian coastal city of Salvador, when the aircraft encountered engine trouble.

An air performance in Brazil took a tragic turn on Saturday when a stunt pilot’s maneuver went disastrously wrong.

Thousands of spectators had gathered to watch the seaside air show near the coastal city of Salvador when one of the aircrafts involved in the daring routine appeared to have some technical difficulties during one of its stunts. 

The plane was powering upwards during the display when one of its engines exploded in mid-air. The video above, captured by one of the audience members, clearly shows the aerobatic jet beginning to slow down before plummeting out of the sky.

However, since the pilot was flying over the ocean, the plane fell more than 300 feet into the water below instead of the dry land – which could have been even more deadly.

As the Daily Mail reports, the rescuers present at the scene miraculously managed to pull the pilot alive from the wreckage. The paramedics reportedly treated him on the shore, but his injuries were too severe that he was rushed to a nearby hospital, where he died a short time later.

The Brazilian Air Force organized the presentation, but they haven’t identified the pilot as of yet.

So far in 2015, over a dozen fatalities have occurred during air show accidents.

In August, a high-powered vintage jet crashed into cars passing by on the busy A27 after an attempted loop went drastically wrong at Shoreham, West Sussex. The crash killed 11 people while injuring 16 others.

Andy Hill, the pilot of the Hawker Hunter jet, survived the deadly incident but had to be placed in a medical coma.

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