After Handwritten CV Goes Viral, Homeless Man Is Finally Heard

If there's one thing that social media gets right, it's that it offers a platform for those who have nowhere else to speak, to make a case for themselves, to be heard and rewarded for their perseverance.

Jordan Lockett was desperate. The twenty three-year-old was homeless, alone, and unable to find work. He couldn’t secure a room with social housing, which tended to prioritize the old or unwell.

When eighteen-year-Old Aaron O’Dwyer stopped to offer him some money earlier this week, Lockett gave him a note, begging him to share it online. It was his CV, handwritten on a plain-ruled piece of paper because he had no other option.

Need work                                                           Need help
Seriously lost

I’m sick of wasting away now,

I’m always being told to go to homeless centres but [they're] not helping. I think it’s because they need a job for one and because I’m young and fit and no dependencies I’m on the bottom of the priority list but it’s killing my mental health.

I write my CV like this because I don’t have anything to put on it, I worked as a motorbike mechanic for 2 years but that was from the start of year 9 to the end of high school on a course and my boss stopped picking me up 2ish weeks before I was supposed to finish and left me with no grades or experience proof.

Very fast learner and hard worker.
Can I afford not to be?
Any chances?

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The heartrending plea struck a nerve with the public: it’s been retweeted over three thousand times, and counting.

Since then, a number of people have expressed interest in hiring the young man, from a restaurant owner to a courier service to a management company. Some Twitter users have offered to share their contacts, and the major of Liverpool tweeted asking for help in contacting Lockett.

Lockett was difficult to contact for the first few days, due to his lack of an address or a phone. But a local businessman paid for him to spend the night at a city centre hotel, before meeting with interviewers the next day.  For the first time in months, he slept in a bed.

Lockett reportedly met with some potential employers on Thursday. 

O’Dwyer is thrilled:

“I didn’t expect anything [like this] -- I’m still getting notifications popping up on my phone. The reaction has been amazing.”

“I hope [Lockett] realizes that there are people out there that do care about him.”

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