After Losing 277 Pounds, Matt Diaz Bravely Shows His Chest For A Powerful Message On Body Positivity

After losing over half his weight, Matt Diaz has excess skin on his body and refuses to be ashamed of it.

Matt Diaz

At age 16, Matt Diaz weighed nearly 500 pounds. 6 years later, Diaz lost over half his weight, and currently weighs 220 pounds. While many would consider this the perfect time to take off his shirt and show off his new body, this was actually one of the most terrifying moments for him. 

Diaz stands up and reveals large amounts of excess skin as a result of his weight loss, and though he trembles in fear, he bravely faces the world to show that body positivity is important for anyone and everyone. He bravely confesses that "I can't preach body positivity and hide who I am." 

Diaz is a great role model for anyone who feels judged or ashamed because of their looks. He sends the message that healthy isn't just one size or shape, and that beauty and body positivity is for everyone. 


The most impactful parts of this video can be summed up with these images.

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