Warning: You Will Not Be Able To Un-see The Hidden Images In These Logos

The hidden images in these logos will blow your mind.

Airbnb’s new logo set off a flurry of Internet commentary this week.

People thought the symbol resembled certain male and female body parts and many criticized the lodging website for coming up with an inappropriate redesign.

It’s not just Airbnb; logos mess up pretty much all the time. Here are a few hilarious examples:

The World Cup Logo:

Doesn’t it look like someone is doing a facepalm?

Hilarious Logos

Yep. It does.

Hilarious Logos

The Adobe Photoshop Express App Logo:

It looks like a toilet paper.

Hilarious Logos

The Chicago Bulls Logo:

If you turn it upside-down looks, it looks like a robot reading the Bible.

Hilarious Logos

RedPlum.com Logo:

It looks like a butt farting.

Hilarious Logos

Ontario's Trillium Logo:

Looks like three people are hanging out in a hot tub.

Hilarious Logos

The Pizza Patron Logo:

The Pizza Patron logo (on your left) looks like a Mexican Will Ferrell.

Hilarious Logos

The IRS Logo:

It looks like an eagle wearing a bikini, doesn’t it?

Hilarious Logos

The Xbox Logo:

It freakishly looks like a frog embryo.

Hilarious Logos

Gravity Defyer Shoes Logo:

Do you see it?

Hilarious Logos

And The Dodge Viper Logo:

Turn it upside-down and voila, you have Daffy Duck.

Hilarious Logos

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