Meet The Elderly Couple Whose Loving Airport Reunion Touched Millions

After Bernard and Carol Mill’s affectionate reunion went viral, the California couple decided to share their love story with the world.

You are never too old to fall in love – and this elderly California couple is a prime example of that.

Bernard Mills, a resident of Bakersfield, was standing outside the arrival lounge at Los Angeles International Airport with a bouquet of flowers and box of candies when a Twitter user decided to film him on her phone. As it turned out, the 80-year-old was actually waiting for his 75-year-old wife, Carol Ogden-Mills, whom he greeted with a warm embrace and kisses as soon as she walked into the terminal.

The couple’s affectionate gesture was then posted on social media where it went viral – melting millions of hearts with its cuteness and proving that true love is indeed eternal. In fact, the short clip garnered so much attention and hype that the couple decided to come forward and share their adorable love story with the rest of the world.

California couple

Apparently, Mills had no idea that he was being filmed when he went to pick up Ogden – who was coming back home after two weeks away at a wedding in Delaware – at the airport. Mills told ABC News that the hugs and kisses caught on the video were just one of many things that he likes to do for his wife.

“We're always very aware of each other's needs and desires,” Mills explained. “I always try to do things she likes, and she does likewise. Sometimes, I'll hug and kiss her in the kitchen unexpectedly, or while I'm watching TV, I'll get up to surprise and kiss her. Before sleeping, I always make sure to kiss her goodnight and tell her I love her.”

Although their love looks decades old, the couple actually met on eHarmony in 2007 after both lost their first spouses of nearly 50 years each.

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“We had one date, but then she fell into a relationship with someone else and that she didn't want to hear from me anymore,” Mills recalled. “But a few months later, just before Christmas, I got a card with Carol's name, phone number and address. I thought, 'Hey, maybe we can be friends,' but it turned out she wasn't in a relationship anymore, so I got lucky.”

He married Ogden in 2008 and they share seven children, 15 grandchildren and two great-grandsons between them.

“I was in love with her from the very beginning,” the loving husband explained. “We went to church together and started doing everything together, and I loved it, and I guess she did too.”

loving husband

When it comes to relationship goals, this couple wins all the awards.

“My grandfather is such a sweetheart – not just on special occasions, but every day,” the couple’s granddaughter Cherisa Fleming told BuzzFeed. “He adores all of the women in his life, especially his wife!”

Bernard Mills and Carol Ogden-Mills’ heartwarming airport reunion (posted above) has been viewed more than 30 million times, and is a testament to the fact that no matter how old you are, there’s always a chance of someone being somewhere out there for you.

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