Security Officer’s Amazing Catch Saves Baby Falling Off Luggage Counter VIDEO


CCTV from an airport in Poland shows how a split second catch by an airport security officer saved a baby’s life.

The footage shows a man placing a baby on a counter after passing through security checks. While the man gathers his possessions, the baby rolls off the table and is about to fall – until a security guard dives out of nowhere to catch it.

The guard was reportedly a few meters away from the baby when he saw the fall and instinctively dived with his arms outstretched. The footage shows the agility of the guard.  While the incident happened on November 23rd , the airport has only now released the footage of the impressive catch. According to the description posted along with the video, the guard has received a bonus with his salary for his actions.

Check out the video above to see how an amazing catch by a selfless guard saved a baby’s life. 

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