Al Qaeda Trolled By Twitter

Upon discovery of a PR hashtag from a sympathizer, Americans trolled al Qaeda last night, annoying the terrorist group.

Al Qaeda Trolled By Twitter

Al-Qaeda got a right slap in the face on the Internet yesterday, thanks to a keen eye and incessant trolling on Twitter.  It all started on the account of one al-Qaeda affiliate, going by the handle "Ah, my heart," who was taking suggestions to improve al-Qaeda public relatiojns from sympathizers and members on Twitter, and even put up a hashtag to improve the discussion.  The hashtag was in Arabic, so people were not initially aware of it at the time it was posted.

Fortunately for the rest of us, writer and Foreign Policy contributor J.M. Berger, who was perusing the quasi-underground Twitter network of jihadi operatives for an article, picked up on the hashtag, and posted the following tweet. 

The hashtag translates roughly into "#Suggestions_to_Develop_Jihadist_Media."  Needless to say, once people caught wind of this hashtag, they ran with it, much to al-Qaeda's dismay.  Here's a sampling of some of the tweets posted:

Eventually, the jihadis figured out something was amiss, and withdrew from using the hashtag in discussion as of this morning.  However, it did not go without the original poster of the tweet (whose account has since been suspended) leaving a

depressed parting shot.

#???????_??????_???????_??????? ?????? ????????? ????? ?? ???????? :(

— ???? ?? ???? (@gdslooptadhi) August 14, 2013

What makes this last tweet even more hilarious is not so much the admission of defeat on al-Qaeda's part (the tweet translates to "The American infidels take part in the hashtag :("), so much as it is that the sympathizer resorted to using a frowny-face emoticon to tell everyone how he felt about the situation.  For a terrorist network, al-Qaeda sure looks kind of goofy right now.  But that can be the great positive potential of trolling.

Now, if we can only somehow link this up with Prince's formal entrance into Twitter...

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