Alarming Photos Of China’s Trashed Beaches Highlight Pollution Crisis

China's pollution problem is only getting worse...

China’s growing pollution crisis.

It isn’t hard to see why they call China’s pollution a crisis when you look at their air quality and litter problems. China’s beaches are so full of rubbish that you can barely find a place to lie down without finding yourself on top of candy wrappers or even used condoms.

Even on China’s beach that was once deemed “The Number One Beach in the World” has succumbed to the enormous amount of filth that characterize every other coastal area in China, now home to over 60 tons of garbage. 

There was one incident of tourists taking selfies with a dead finless porpoise that had washed ashore. The cause of death for the endangered animal is likely due to the pollution, among other factors.

China pollution crisis

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While there are professional cleaners hired, the amount of garbage that gets left is too much to keep up with. One woman said “people don’t seem to care about the pollution at all” at Silver Beach.

While there does seem to be some comments from  Chinese leaders indicating that this is a problem that they are trying to find solutions for, Wang Haibo says otherwise. Haibo, the former official inspector and current director of ocean protection for Greenpeace said China is doing the least amount to protect the ocean compared to other developing nations. China trails behind Brazil significantly. He said, “It’s not their priority.”

China’s State Oceanic Administration supports Haibo’s claims, confirming that around 26,300 square miles of sea had terrible marks for maritime pollution. In fact, the problem doubled in size since the previous year showing that it’s only getting worse.

Other beaches experience a devastating algae outbreak, which is likely due to city waste water getting dumped into oceans. 

China beach crisis

And by looking at these photos, it’s no surprise.  


Dirty beaches in China

China Has Some Dirty Beaches


China's Dirty Beaches

China's Algae Beach Pollution

China Beach Pollution

beach pollution from China

Beach Pollution

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