These Tigers Swimming For The First Time Will Make Your Day

Unfortunately, there are too many animals in the world not living how they should be.

Tiger, Carli and Lily, Rescue

Sometimes animals fall into the fate of human hands, and while in some cases this might be for the better in others, it can be for the worse.

It's the story told all too often-of animals being mistreated by humans.

However sometimes these animals find a miracle in the hands of other people who want to help.

That's what happened to Carli and Lily-two Siberian tigers that were found in captivity, neglected and locked up. They were found among other animals in a run-down facility in New York. 

Luckily, Carli and Lily were rescued by animal welfare officers, who took in the tigers with open arms and tried to teach them how to properly live outside of a tiny cage.

The rescuers quickly learned that one thing Carli and Lily never got the chance to do was swim.

And that's when this amazing cute-ness happened, after the rescuers built a not-so-little pool for these two adorable cats:

While we can all hope that all tigers get this kind of freedom, it's a sad fact that Carli and Lily were not the only ones held in these awful conditions.

It's believed that these tigers are only two of the nearly 20,000 homes in the United States that are allegedly keeping these huge animals as pets. When the owners begin to realize that the cats can't be controlled, they end up in cages-a place where they are definitely not supposed to be.

Hopefully Carli and Lily will be a message for those out there who need to allow these animals to be free.

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