Finally! A Viral Sensation That Actually Accomplishes Something

Who knew the ice bucket challenge could raise so much money?

The videos are everywhere. Your friends, family, morning news anchors and celebrities are dousing themselves with buckets of ice-cold water to raise awareness of ALS, also known as Lou Gehrig's disease.

But just because something goes viral doesn't mean it accomplishes anything. The ice bucket challenge appears to work, however.

The ALS Association pulled in 1,100 percent (!) more in donations last week compared to the same week in 2013 -- $168,000 this year vs. $14,000 last year.

The ice bucket challenge isn't new or unique to ALS. Supporters have used it for breast cancer fundraising, for example. 

The ALS incarnation took off after the family of former Boston College baseball star Pete Frates embraced the challenge to raise ALS awareness. Just 29, Frates went from a vibrant athlete to someone who's now paralyzed and unable to speak. 

"We've really seen what we meant to do," Nancy Frates, Pete's mother, told CBS. "People are talking about ALS. They are understanding what this disease is, and guess what? Now the wallets are opening."

So to everyone dumping icy water over their heads, you're doing good. Keep it up and keep that funding coming to fight back against ALS

(And in the meantime, enjoy this major ice bucket challenge fail.)

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