Amazing 16-Month-Old Swims The Width Of A Pool In One Breath (VIDEO)

We don’t even remember what exactly we were doing when we were 16-months-old. What we know for sure is that we must be messing up everyone’s life who was around us by creating trouble all the time.

But this little infant, who’s just 16-months-old unlike all others of her age, has already learnt to swim a full length of a swimming pool without any aid. It is really difficult to believe unless you see her swimming comfortably in the video above.

She swims across the width of the pool with her face down in the water. Seeing her without arm bands and any aid viewers criticized her parents of child abuse.

After receiving these negative comments, YouTube user Adam BC, provided details in the description that he’s a registered nurse and his wife has been a lifeguard for six years to clear what people had been assuming about them.

It’s just fascinating to see someone swimming with such ease at such a young age.

Enjoy the incredible video above.

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