Amazing Footage Of Animal Escape Preparedness Drills

The Tama Zoo in Japan takes animal escape drills seriously...I think. Either way, they lead to some hilarious footage.

You may laugh, but preparedness drills for animal escapes in zoos are serious business. Zoos in Japan have to worry about an earthquake freeing their wild animals, and clearly the only way to prepare for this is for someone to dress up in an animal suit and pretend to try to escape. Let's start with...the zebra.

The most realistic part is when the zebra, running as all zebras do on its two hind legs, pushes over that guy. Also, props to the zebra actor for not just going down after one shot, but making a second attempt at standing after the first tranquilizer shot.

But zebras aren't the only animal that might escape in an earthquake! No, we almost prepare for...the rhinoceros!

So, what can we learn from this one? If a rhino escapes, hold up a net and poke it with sticks from behind the net. If you are on the wrong (rhino) side of the net, lie on the ground and, I guess, hope it doesn't step on you. If someone is freaking out in the vicinity of the rhino, tackle them. At one point I think a guy mimes throwing a bucket of water on the rhino, so do that too. Keep all that going until the van with the people with the tranquilizer guns arrives and shoots the rhino, then tackle the rhino with the net.


Lastly, the fearsome tiger.

Tigers are a lot like zebras, in that you should hide behind a net, but they might run over to the net and push you over with their front paws. After that, they usually back off, so that's a good time to tranquilize them, poke them with a stick, and jump on them with a net.

While it's good that the Tama Zoo in Japan is taking these precautions, what about the entirely plausible scenario of a tiger, rhino or zebra in a school, office, or even your home? Everyone should be doing these drills! Get your nets, tranquilizers and animal suits now!

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