Amazing Scientific Study Explores What Makes People Happy: Video

There is one thing in particular that is guaranteed to make people happy

What makes people happy? Is it money? Friends? Advenure? It turns out all these factors are good, but there is one thing in particular that is guaranteed to make people happy: gratitude. In this amazing video, a research team explores the concept of gratitude and how it leads to human happiness. This amazing video will inform, as well as inspire anyone who watches it.

In the study, several subjects were first tested on their happiness level via a questionnaire. The subjects were then asked to write about one person they appreciate. The test-takers were asked to write down how they knew the person, and what it is about that someone that makes them so grateful.

Then the real magic starts.

The subjects are given a phone and asked to call the person they wrote about. They are then instructed to read the letter they wrote to the person they wrote about; the results are amazing.

After the phone call ends, and all the bashful tears are wept away, the subjects retake the happiness exam and the results are compared. For the takers that were unable to speak with the person they wrote about, their happiness levels jumped only a few percent. But for those able to express their gratitude to others, their happiness levels jumped between four and 19%.

It’s a highly unscientific study, with a pretty small sample size. Luckily, this experiment is free for anyone and everyone to try.

My turn:

Owen, I’ve worked here at Carbonated for nearly two months, and you have been the reason I’ve liked being here so much. I lost all my friends after I left college, and I’ve constantly worried that I wouldn’t be able to make new ones back here in California. I’m a people person, and find it difficult when I don’t have anyone to connect with. You were kind to me as soon as I started work here, and I quickly began to trust you as my fellow-writer, and workplace companion.

I like working at Carbonated because I get to write all day, and I get to talk with someone I consider a friend. I commented to my mom last night that I could still probably use a girlfriend, but that I found myself less socially isolated than I feared. The reason for that is because five days a week, I get to spend time next to you, and that keeps me socially sustained. Thanks.

Owen sits next to me. I read that to him just now. Let’s see, do I feel happier? Hmm…

Ya! I feel pretty good! Got a goofy smile going and everything.  I feel a little awkward and nervous still, but ya. If nothing else, I’m nearly certain this was the highlight of my day.

I manned up; now it’s your turn. The video asks you to film and submit your entry, but I don’t think that’s necessary to make the happiness thing work. I recommend you try it out. 

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