Amazing Video Of Lighting Striking A Japanese Train!

It’s actually surprising lightning strikes like this don’t happen more often.

Lighting Striking

A Japanese man filming a lightning storm in Japan’s Noborito district instead caught amazing footage of a lightning bolt striking a Japanese Train! It’s already been a rough year for trains, as well as a year featuring insane weather. Put those two together and you end up with this amazing video of lighting striking a Japanese Train. The big bolt strike happens at 1:20, near the end of the video.

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out what caused the lightning to strike the train in the video. Trains are made of metal, and are usually surrounded by track that is much lower to the ground than the train. Lighting seems naturally inclined to strike giant pieces of wet metal. It’s actually surprising lightning strikes like this don’t happen more often.

According to Japanese news, everyone was safe on the train. It’s likely that the lightning bolt traveled down the metal rails of the train to the ground. Luckily, the Japanese lightning didn’t go through the train’s plumbing system, or someone showering may have been totally owned.

Considering everyone on the Japanese train struck by lightning stayed safe, seeing this footage makes me miss some crazier weather. I’ve been here in Northern California for about three months now. The weather has varied from “cloudy and hot” to “less cloudy and very hot”. I’m used to being in New Orleans around now and fighting off hurricanes with my fists! Instead, I have two months of “hot with a chance of fire” and then five months of “cold, cloudy, but not that rainy.”

Gimme the the Japanese lightning train all day!

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