These American Kids Have The Best Reactions To Foreign Cuisine

The breakfast of champions around the world stymies these kids: "I found a dead fish in this!"

Children in the US of A are brought up on a standard diet of sugary cerals and pancakes (if they're lucky) for breakfast, but that's not the meal most people sit down to in the morning around the world. 

But American kids have found this truth a bit hard to chew, as the latest video by The Cut shows.

Children in the video are subjected to breakfasts from around the world, from the fermented soy bean of Korea to the preserved eggs from Vietnam. Reactions ranged from horror  ("I found a dead fish in this") to surprise ("I find it weird that children drink coffee in Brazil") to reluctant, timid approval ("I actually would have this for breakfast.")

It's important for kids to be acquainted with different cuisines, cultures and lifestyles. Meanwhile, we can have fun watching their reactions.

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