Amid Severe Heat Wave, Cars Are Melting In Italy

The unbearable heat in Italy and throughout Europe has become so intense that cars parked in the sun start to melt. One tourist captured the unbelievable sight on film in Caorle.

Cars are literally melting in Italy as temperatures have entered triple digits for several days consecutively.

A Blue Renault Megane that had been parked near the beach in Caorle was spotted by a British tourist with its lights, wing mirrors and window fittings melting off in the sunlight.

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John Westbrook -- the tourist who saw the rare phenomenon -- said, “We drove past and just couldn't believe what we were seeing. Bits of the car were literally dripping off on to the road.”

John Westbrook, car melts in street, Heatwave in Italy

Areas across Europe have issued warnings to tourists and residents of the intense heatwave throughout the country.

Steering wheels have melted in Cyprus, causing residents to wear oven mitts when they drive. People are also putting their cell phones in the fridge to keep them from overheating.

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Experts are comparing the current extreme temperatures to the 2003 heatwave that killed nearly 20,000 people.

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