An Astronaut Makes This Girl's Dream Come True

Suzanne Robertson
This musical collaboration is something very special.


Here is your feel-good video of the day! 

Chris Hadfield was the first Canadian astronaut to walk in space and command the International Space Station. He's not just an astronaut, he's an amazing musician. In 2012, he wrote and played the first song ever recorded in space.

He's also a little girl named Abby's hero. 

Abby was born prematurely. She has a severe hearing impairment and mild cerebral palsy that challenges her mobility every day. 

Abby's dream was to play music with Hadfield. Her dream came true as they played "Somewhere Over The Rainbow" together on the guitar.

The musical collaboration was arranged by the Sunshine Foundation, a charity that answers the dreams of chronically ill, physically challenged and abused children. 

Sunshine Foundation