An Eagle Took Out A Drone Because Even Birds Find Your GoPro Annoying

Ah, eagles. Such majestic creatures, launching into air, soaring high above their lush dominion, suckerpunching drones into the next city over.

Australian fauna is notorious on the Internets for being, well, freaky as all get out.

And the wedge-tailed eagle is the largest bird of prey in all of the land.

So when a wedge-tailed eagle came face-to-face with a pesky drone, you better believe it was about to go down.

And by “it” we mean the drone.

When drone owner Adam Lancaster first noticed the bird, he didn’t pay too much mind to it.

“We first saw the eagle circle us, but it disappeared.”

Then the bird reappeared from out of nowhere and went for the kill, using its massive talons to literally punch the thing out of the sky.

“It came back into our direction and the next minute it flew out of the tree and took me out.”

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And let’s just say the bird came away from the encounter looking far better than the drone. Lancaster had to spend around $100 to get the GoPro working again.

The eagle, meanwhile, circled above the crash site for a few seconds, admiring its work.

Lancaster’s takeaway from the incident?

“Treat eagles like you are supposed to treat aircraft. If you see them, LAND.”

That’s as good advice as we’ve ever heard.

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