These Animals' Selfie Game Is Too Strong

Even the Animal Kingdom can't resist a great selfie.

You think it's just an innocent click of the camera button and before you know it, it's a selfie world and we're just living in it. These animals are definitely learning a few tricks from their camera-obsessed humans.

The "grandparents on Skype" selfie

Animal Funny Selfie


The mandatory mirror selfie

Animal Selfies


The "drunk on a Friday night" selfie

funniest pictures of animals posing for a selfie


The pretentious, Instagram selfie that anyone who has gone abroad on a holiday is guilty of taking

Animal Selfies That Perfectly Sum Up Your Monday


The silly girls' night out selfie

Pet selfies


When you are feeling your look

Awesome Animal Selfies


When your eye makeup is on point

Funny animal selfies


The "I just cannot with this" selfie

est Animal Selfies


The crazy couple selfie

Hilarious Animal Selfies

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